Corporate Profits up +9.3% year-over-year. Durable Goods Ex-Defense & Aircraft and Capital Goods hit 33-month highs.
Is your business or organization poised to grow along with this new economy?
Durable Goods Ex-Defense & Aircraft accelerated from +3.7% year-over-year in April to +5.3% in May. That's a 33-month high. We're looking at Durable Goods “Ex-Defense & Aircraft” because it’s an indicator for US Household Spending (i.e. Consumption is 70% of US GDP).
Capital Goods (CAPEX) accelerated from +3.1% year-over-year growth in April to +5.0% in May. That's a 33-month high too. The US Capex recession bottomed as the US stock market did in January-February 2016 at -6.2% year-over-year and remained in recession until November 2016 before rebounding.
As you may know already, most indicators show that the U.S. economy is growing fast. What we offer our clients is the chance to get their businesses and organizations ready for new growth. We know it can get expensive to advertise online, attend & promote industry events, establish an organized, on-going direct mail campaign and use promotional items to get and keep potential clients and members interested. 

Ordinarily, as a business owner/manager or the person responsible for the promotion of an organization, you would have only two ways to go:

1) Search for a graphics designer to create or upgrade your graphics for both web and print (often the two don't go together); Use the commercial printer(s) you already use to print each piece needed separately (trying to keep continuity throughout all aspects of your promotions); Coordinate meetings & events with special offers and search for promotional products and services to help with these events, again keeping in mind deadlines and graphical continuity throughout all products ... and many more responsibilities too numerous to mention here.


2) Find an ad agency to handle everything for you, knowing that agency mark-ups are in the neighborhood of 150%-250% of cost -- often times even higher.

If you don't have the time or resources to handle situation 1 above, and you don't have the advertising budget to go to an agency for their services (situation 2), then Mail-Graphics may be exactly what you need.

Jay Conrad Levinson coined the term "Guerrilla Marketing" many years ago to help individuals who needed to use unconventional methods to promote their businesses while keeping to a tight budget. We support this kind of client with our distinctive approach to marketing and promotions. Mail-Graphics reinforces our clients' innate creativity while offering technical advice on all aspects of their endeavors. The money saved by not using a conventional ad agency or having to hire expensive consultants or employees goes a long way to achieving sales and promotional goals.

What separates Mail-Graphics from typical printers and ad agencies? Look at the two diagrams below. The first (Fig. 1) is a typical ad agency flow chart. Now look at the same flow chart depicting what Mail-Graphics offers as an alternative (Fig. 2):
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
From the above diagrams you should be able to see immediately why we can offer such a great savings to our clients over traditional agencies (Fig. 1).

With the Mail-Graphics model (Fig. 2), you and your Customer Rep. work together on everything. Your Customer Rep. is usually an experienced graphics designer, a web designer and has years of experience in commercial printing and promotional products. He or she is always there to back up your ideas with real products and services. No big presentations, no committee discussions. You handle your own marketing with Mail-Graphics directly behind you for support. We believe our CLIENTS are the people best suited to know what they need to promote their own business or organization. We act as a support structure with decades of experience to be used only as needed, always keeping in mind limited budgets and special circumstances.

Acting as your own Guerrilla Marketer, it is difficult or impossible to use your regular commercial printing company for most or all of your needs. You can use up all your "marketing time" just going from place to place to fulfill any given campaign or strategy. Mail-Graphics allows you the time and budget to really be creative and successful in your endeavors!